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Mancera Red Tobacco Eau de Parfum

Explore the olfactory pyramid of Mancera Paris Red Tobacco and be inspired by the sweet and refined notes of one of the Mancera perfumes most loved by fans of niche perfumes.

Mancera Red Tobacco is the tobacco perfume with a sweet heart

Mancera Red Tobacco is a strong , decisive and truly irreverent fragrance . To understand it, to know it, it is necessary to wait, to grasp every note, every moment and evolution in order to appreciate it. It is not a simple artistic perfume, but a composition that must be tried and understood and which does not allow any form of compromise. These are perhaps the elements that have pushed so many niche perfumery enthusiasts to try it and consequently love it.
It is not a perfume for everyone and this can already be understood by studying the olfactory pyramid, in which a real explosion is perceived starting from the first vaporization and from the first notes that open the sensorial vortex generated by this perfume: the overture of Mancera Red Tobacco makes cinnamon , Oud , saffron (an ingredient known to be little used in traditional perfumery due to the value and cost of this component) immediately perceptible, which are accompanied by equally hard and incisive notes, such as incense , nutmeg , green apple and white pear .
Yet, even if the beginning of this fragrance is incisive and hard, analyzing it more deeply, giving it time to warm up, to go beyond appearances, it is possible to glimpse sweetness, balance, solid stability: Patchouli and Jasmine make the rhythm slow, gentle, they mitigate and harmonize what initially seemed chaotic and hard, allowing a glimpse of its true nature.
And in the finish, the strength that it demonstrated at the beginning is found again, with amber, vetiver, sandalwood, wood and tobacco, of which Mancera Red Tobacco is the celebration to the point of taking its name from this ingredient . This Mancera perfume has a very rich pyramid, apparently without rules, which in reality conceals a solid and unexpected balance. A perfume for strong, over-the-top personalities who never go unnoticed and who always have something to say that is different from others.

Mancera Red Tobacco is the hot spice you don't expect

Mancera Red Tobacco is an amazing fragrance; manages to maintain a strongly spicy soul despite preserving a sweet heart, at times even fruity-powdery, which always maintains its firmness and incisiveness. Let yourself be conquered by the strength of this Mancera fragrance and choose to wear a perfume that suits and represents the perfect match for your personality.

Mancera Red Tobacco Olfactory Pyramid

Top notes : Cinnamon, Agarwood (oud), Saffron, Incense, Nutmeg, Green Apple, White Pear.
Heart notes : Patchouli, Jasmine.
Base notes : Tobacco, Madagascar Vanilla, Amber, Sandalwood, Guaiac Wood, White Musk, Haitian Vetiver.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Inebriante e duraturo

Inebriante, avvolgente, semplicemente delizioso! Non ho mai incontrato un profumo che si adatti così perfettamente alla mia personalità. È come se fosse stato creato appositamente per me.

Lo usiamo in coppia ed è il TOP

Dopo aver provato questo profumo, non riesco a immaginare di poter indossare qualcos'altro. È come se si fosse fuso con la mia pelle, diventando parte di me. Assolutamente straordinario!

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