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An exuberant explosion of spicy notes. Montale Black Pepper is a combination of pink pepper from Peru and black pepper from Madagascar.

Intense pepper Eau de Parfum 100 ml

An exuberant explosion of spicy notes. Montale Black Pepper is a combination of pink pepper from Peru and black pepper from Madagascar.

Intense Pepper perfume by Montale

Intense pepper by Montale is the perfume suitable for any temperature, perfect for refreshing and giving a touch of vitality even to the grayest days. The spicy fragrance of the Parisian master perfumer Pierre Montale represents the point of conjunction between freshness and woodiness and summarizes the anatomy of trees in a fragrance: in the background, in the lower part, it is possible to find the woody solidity of wood, moss, like the elements at the base of a tree. The deepest, central notes of this composition open like flowers during the flowering period in spring, with the same delicate imperceptibility as the beginning of the most floral season of the year. But the top note, the strong note, which emerges as high as the head of a tree, lets the undisputed and unbeaten freshness of Sicilian lemons soar and blend with pink pepper and black pepper. A solid perfume, but with equally solid facets that can be glimpsed in small glimpses, which are very reminiscent of the texture of the bark of cedar trees.

Intense Pepper Montale: the pepper synthesis of life

Intense pepper by Montale is the fragrance that will enrapture people who love aromas that celebrate the flavors of the East, with the imposing presence of Sicilian lemons that meet the solid, compact spicy consistency given by the encounter of black pepper with pink pepper . From the first moment post-vaporization, the spicy freshness of this composition conquers the scene with all the irreverence of this citrusy and refined combination. The oud perceived, even if present in a much lower note, is the typical and unmistakable one of Pierre Montale , to reunite this fragrance, so distant and distant and so capable of taking people to places far from those in which they find themselves, among the Parisian streets, very dear to the master perfumer.

Intense Pepper Montale: citrus fruits meet wood

The composition opens with great solidity on the notes of pepper and lemon, and then expands and relaxes on the refined woods of cedar and agar. The lemon adheres like a scarf to the skin and is sealed by the two notes of pepper present at the opening. Anyone who perceives it is immediately immersed in the awareness of coming into contact with uncommon pepper tips, which are very reminiscent of the finest grains used in haute cuisine. Over time, this composition relaxes on woody notes, which gives this creation an interesting duration, on the skin and in the mind of those who try it.

Montale paris Intense Pepper: olfactory pyramid

Top notes : Madagascar black pepper, Sicilian lemon, Peruvian pink pepper. Heart notes : Floral notes. Base notes : Malaysian Oud, Cedarwood, Amber, Oakmoss, White Musk.

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